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EPF Self Contribution

EPF Self Contribution: Should you do it and how?

Most of us should know what EPF is, and what it is for. Do you know that you can actually …

ASNB - Amanah Saham

What is Amanah Saham or ASNB? [5 benefits to why you should invest in Amanah Saham]

Ever heard of Amanah Saham? It’s a financial product offered by this company called Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad (ASNB). Who …

Sustainable Investment - UN Sustainable Development Goals

FSMOne: Thoughts On Sustainable Investment

What is sustainable investment? Our planet has been around for around 4.5 billion years and life dates back 3.5 billion …

FSMOne Malaysia

FSMOne Malaysia Review [2021] – 7 reasons why I like this platform

Have you ever heard of FSMOne Malaysia (previously known as Fundsupermart.com Malaysia)? This is another tool whereby you can put …

StashAway Malaysia

StashAway Malaysia Review (2021) – Yay or Nay?

StashAway Malaysia. Is it legit? Legal? Is It safe? Does it make you money? StashAway is a brainchild of Michele …

Touch 'n Go - GO+

GO+ – The Real Deal or…?

This post is about my experience after a month of using it. Users can cash in their money into GO+ via FPX or from TnG’s e-Wallet. For users who top up their e-Wallet using credit card, it made perfect sense for them to top up their GO+ by cashing in from their e-wallet. Thus, therein lies the quagmire that unfolded.