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Spending is inevitable. There are plenty of ways to help you start saving money even on a tight budget. Explore the tips and tools I’ve used to spend smarter. It’s time to get more bang out of your buck!

Did you know that you can save more by spending smarter?

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Cashback vs Miles Credit Card

Cashback vs Miles credit card: Which is better?

Cashback vs miles credit card? Which is the better choice? Recently, my colleagues at work were talking about it, and …

Wise Review

Wise Review (formerly TransferWise) 2022

When it comes to international money transfers, Wise comes to mind. In the past, attempting to transfer money abroad was …

Maybank 2 Gold Cards

Maybank 2 Gold Cards – Best cashback card for weekends spending!

There’s a credit card that’s best for weekend spendings – Maybank 2 Gold Cards, or it’s upgraded brother, Maybank 2 …


RinggitPlus – Legit or not?

My best experience with RinggitPlus is quite a few of them actually. Most recently was when I was told that …

Citibank Cash Back MasterCard

Citibank Cash Back MasterCard – Still the best cash back credit card out there!

The Citibank Cash Back Card is one of the best credit cards out there for cash back! They have two …

Standard Charted Liverpool FC Cashback Credit Card Review

Standard Chartered Liverpool FC Cashback Credit Card – My New Favourite Cashback Card!

Update 15 September 2021 Standard Chartered has revised their cashback feature from 1% to 0.5% effective 1 Oct 2021. This …

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