Builder Block PD Charging Station by thecoopidea Review

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I have been looking for a charging hub / charging station because I had just too many devices that requires charging. Rather than playing find-a-power-outlet or getting an extension cord, I decided to hunt for a USB charging station instead. Why? Because a USB charging station is more compact and neater on the workspace as compared to an extension cord with four different plug-heads connected to it.

After much research, I decided to get myself the Builder Block PD Charging Station by thecoopidea. Here’s my unbiased review.

Builder Block PD Charging Station

Builder Block PD Charging Station by thecoopidea

2 USB-C outputs
Compact and declutters your table
✖ No switch to turn it on/off.
General Specifications:
– 2 USB-C output with power delivery(PD) technology, compatible with laptops and delivering charging speeds up to 4x of standard chargers.
– USB-C output supports up to 65W.
– 2 USB-A output compatible with most smartphones and devices.
– Silicon sleeve which you can customise with plastic bricks.
– Protection from over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, short-circuits
– Power input: 100-240V

Why I like the Builder Block PD Charging Station?

✓ 2 USB-C outputs

The very first requirement that I had when looking for a charging hub was that it needed to have at least 2 or more USB-C outputs. This is because most of the devices I use are all on USB-C. You’d be surprised that although the USB-C tech has been in the market for quite some time now, it’s still pretty hard to find a reliable hub that has 2 or more USB-C outputs.

Builder Block PD Charging Station

The Builder Block PD Charging Station was one of the few charging hubs in the market that had two USB-C outputs. Also, one of the outputs support power delivery powerful enough to charge laptops.

Unfortunately, after testing it out, I found out that it doesn’t really work well with laptops other than Apple’s. When I plugged my charger into my Lenovo laptop, it prompted me that I had plugged in a slow charger and asked me instead to use the charger that came with the device for faster charging speed. It still charges the laptop though.

✓ Compact and declutters your table

Another reason why I liked the Builder Block PD Charging Station was because it’s pretty compact and really saves a lot of space as compared to, say a power extension cord. And if you didn’t already know from the picture, it’s called a “Builder Block” PD Charging Station, because it comes with a silicon sleeve with a brick pattern, where you can fix your lego bricks on or below the sleeve.

Builder Block PD Charging Station

If you’re not a lego fan, no worries, you can always remove the silicon sleeve.

What I wish the Builder Block PD Charging Station did better at?

✖ No switch to turn it on/off

Although I can live without this function, it would have been great that if they had thought to incorporate and on/off switch or button whereby you can off the device. Instead, if you would like to off the hub, you would have to off the switch at the power socket instead. It can be a nuisance if the power socket is located at a hard to reach spot.

Builder Block PD Charging Station

Verdict – Recommended!

The Builder Block PD Charging Station by thecoopidea adds a fun visual value on the table for an otherwise boring functional piece of tech. So far, after using it for a month, it does the job well.

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Get yours today on Shopee Singapore!

I got my Builder Block PD Charging Station from thecoopidea’s official store in Shopee Singapore. Unfortunately, it’s not available in Shopee Malaysia or Lazada Malaysia.

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