P280c Vacuum Sealer Review

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I always wanted a vacuum sealer. So not too long ago, we decided to get one for the house. Since we didn’t know much about vacuum sealers, we bought a relatively cheap one from Shopee. The machine was able to seal the bags but not too neatly at times because we could not control the heating temperature.

Very often I’d get distorted shapes because the plastic would have melted overly. Vacuum sealing the food was very often frustrating because I had to make sure the position was just right. However, very often it became an unpredictable experience. That was when we began to look for a replacement model.

P280 Vacuum Sealer Review

After some search, we settled on this model, a P280c which is a China made one. When compared to the earlier one that I was using this model feels sturdier and more solid.

P280c Vacuum Sealer

Nozzle to suck air out of the bag.
Can control the length of time for the machine to work.
Works on almost any plastic bag.
✖ No bag cutter function.
✖ Does not come with a 3-pin plug.
General Specifications:
– Rated voltage: 220V AC
– Rated frequency: 50HZ
– Heating wire width: 3mm
– Net weight: 1.58kg
– Motor: Powerful vacuum pump
– Vacuum degree: -0.8bar
– Sealable bag width: 28cm
– High-temperature adhesive tape: Fluorine-resistant high-temperature adhesive tape
– Heating wire: Nichrome wire alloy heating wire
– Housing Material: Environmental Engineering ABS
– Working mode: Automatic / manual control

Why I like the P280c Vacuum Sealer?

Nozzle to suck air out of the bag

This vacuum sealer has this little nozzle that can be drawn out or retracted at a touch of button. Compared to the earlier model that I had, this little extension makes a huge difference when you try to vacuum seal your food stuff. For one, there was less room for leaks.

Also, when you want to vacuum seal your food, the plastic bag is so tightly pressed that air is prevented from leaking back inside as the nozzle works to suck out the air from the bag. Next, there is a clear container for liquids that might get sucked in by the nozzle. However, one grouse here is the seal in this vacuum sealer is rather tight that you have to exert quite a bit of strength to release the bag after the sealing is done.

Can control the length of time for the machine to work

You can also control the length of time you want the plastic to be heated as it is being sealed. Hence, thinner plastic will not melt too much and get distorted or have holes spring up leaks later. This is one of the reason why I like this vacuum sealer; it does what is supposed to do well. So far, I’ve not had to deal with the frustration of not knowing whether it will be able to vacuum seal what I have set out to do.

The length of time for the vacuum to continue working has to be manually controlled. This means you have to retrieve the nozzle by pressing one of the buttons when you feel that enough air has been sucked out, which means you have to pay attention to the machine as it works. Though this is an inconvenience, it’s something that I can live with.

Also, if you worry about your food being crushed as a result, you will get the hang of it after just a try or two. I’ve been able to vacuum pack pies without them being crushed. Vacuum sealing vegetables, like corn is easier.

Works on almost any plastic bag

Another plus point is you don’t have to get those plastic bags marketed specially for vacuum packing. Most thick enough plastic bags would work fine. Even the thin ones can be used but I won’t recommend it because they spring out holes too easily. They also melt way too easily.

The P280c vacuum sealer also comes with an accessory port that allows you to attach a hole to the sealer to extract air from jars and vacuum canisters. I have yet to use that yet, though.

What I wished the P280c Vacuum Sealer did better at?

✖ No bag cutter function

It would be nice if a bag cutter could be incorporated into it. That would make cutting a sealed portion of the bags easier. Right now, I have to make sure I set the bag firmly on a flat surface to cut. That is an inconvenience when you have a few portions which you want to vacuum seal.

✖ Does not come with a 3-pin plug

The plug is a Type A two pin plug, so you might need to have an adapter for it unless your wall socket is a 13A Universal Socket.


I have seen how seamless the commercial vacuum sealer machines work. The machine is audible enough when it is operating but it is within bearable range. The P280c Vacuum Sealer is not as seamless as the commercial models but for the price that you pay for it, I’d say it’s a tool that works well enough and would be helpful in any kitchen. Also, it is compact enough for you to tuck into a corner or kitchen drawer.

Check out other product reviews:

Get yours today on Shopee Malaysia / Singapore or Lazada Malaysia!

By the way, they have since launched a newer model, P290 Vacuum Sealer. So, I decided to provide links for the P290 Vacuum Sealer model instead. As always, the item is selling cheaper on Shopee Malaysia as compared Lazada.

Shopee MYGeneral -> Link
Shopee SGGeneral -> Link
Lazada MYGeneral -> Link

However, if you still prefer to get the P280c model, here’s the link that I bought it from.

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