[Born Pink] Blackpink World Tour Singapore 2023

Blackpink in your area! The highly anticipated Blackpink World Tour Singapore 2023 has landed in the National Stadium Singapore. This was not my first time experiencing the electrifying presence of the renowned K-pop girl group, but their return to Singapore had me brimming with anticipation.

Having already been captivated by their previous performances, I knew I was in for another unforgettable night filled with dazzling performances. The stage was set, and the crowd was ready to be swept away by the powerhouse performances of Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa.

Checking in to the Venue

As I stepped out of the Stadium MRT station, excitement filled the air. The much-anticipated Blackpink concert was about to begin, and I couldn’t wait to see my favourite K-pop group perform live. However, my excitement quickly turned into frustration as I encountered a poorly managed check-in process.

A Blackpink banner at the National Stadium

It all started with the announcement blaring on repeat, urging concert-goers to arrive early for security checks before entering the stadium, of which I heeded and immediately proceeded straight to the security check-in area.

When I arrived, I was greeted by a sea of people already congregating at the merchandise area and the staircase leading to the entrance. The ground level outside the stadium was packed, with fans pouring in from all directions, whether they arrived by car or took the Stadium MRT like me.

The crowd waiting for the security guards to allow concert-goes access to the security check area

To my dismay, a bottleneck had formed near the entrance as security guards blocked the staircase to prevent overcrowding on Level 1, where the security checks were taking place. It was clear that the organisers were unprepared for the magnitude of the crowd, considering the concert was sold out.

Disappointingly, there were no designated lines or proper crowd control measures in place. People just flocked in all directions, hoping they were in line for a security check. Thankfully, the crowd remained relatively calm and non-aggressive.

Look at the people queuing for security checks (the further side of the white tent)

As if that wasn’t enough, once I thought I had successfully navigated the security check, I was met with yet another obstacle. The queue to scan my ticket and enter the stadium was painfully slow. There were only a limited number of automated scanners at each gate, which resulted in long waiting times.

To make matters worse, some concert-goers encountered problems scanning their tickets, whether due to technical glitches or even counterfeit tickets. This only added to the bottleneck, and I found myself standing in line for nearly 20 minutes just to enter the stadium.

National Stadium Singapore on Blackpink World Tour Singapore 2023 night

All in all, I spent approximately an hour standing in queues, feeling increasingly frustrated and disheartened by the chaotic check-in process. The lack of planning and organization from the organisers left me with a bitter impression. Adding to the discomfort was Singapore’s humid weather, causing me to perspire throughout the wait. But nonetheless, I was finally in!

Reflecting on my experience, there are several improvements that the organisers should consider. Foremost, they must prioritise better crowd management strategies. Clearly designated queues and the presence of well-trained staff would have significantly alleviated the congestion and confusion that occurred. Additionally, the staff could have directed attendees to less crowded gates, facilitating a smoother ticket scanning process for everyone involved. These measures would greatly enhance the overall efficiency and satisfaction of concert-goers.

Blackpink World Tour Singapore 2023

The Blackpink World Tour concert in Singapore was an absolute spectacle, filled with exhilarating performances and memorable moments. The stage came alive as the members, Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa, showcased their incredible talents and undeniable chemistry.

Blackpink World Tour Singapore 2023 - Rose

As a biased fan of Jisoo and Rosé for their distinct vocal abilities, I was particularly thrilled when Jisoo took center stage with her first solo hit single – “Flower,” showcasing her vocals and charm.

Great intermissions

What made the concert even more enjoyable were the intermissions, where the spotlight shifted to the talented backup dancer crew and the band members. These moments allowed them to showcase their incredible skills and add a dynamic element to the overall show. The backup dancers’ impressive dance moves brought additional energy to the stage, while the band members’ individual solos on drums and guitar highlighted their musical prowess.

These intermissions not only gave the members of Blackpink a break but also provided the audience with an opportunity to appreciate the diverse talents within the entire performance ensemble. It was a refreshing and entertaining addition to the concert experience, adding depth and variety to the overall production.

However, the scorching Singaporean weather proved to be a challenge for the artists, as they expressed their struggle with the heat during the concert. Despite the discomfort, Blackpink powered through and delivered an unforgettable show, proving their dedication to their fans.

Blackpink World Tour Singapore 2023 - Lightsticks

In a reflective moment, Jennie addressed the sea of phones in the audience, noting that she could see more screens recording their performance than people’s faces truly enjoying the live experience. It was a poignant observation, highlighting the influence of the digital age on concert-goers. It served as a reminder that sometimes, in our pursuit of capturing and sharing every moment, we may lose sight of fully immersing ourselves in the present.

Nonetheless, the concert remained a phenomenal display of talent, with Blackpink’s infectious energy and impeccable stage presence commanding the attention of the crowd. The group effortlessly performed their chart-topping hits, captivating fans with their signature dance moves and powerful vocals.

A night to remember

As the final notes echoed through the stadium and the curtain descended, the Blackpink World Tour in Singapore came to a close. The night had been an extraordinary journey of music, talent, and unforgettable moments. It was an incredible experience, a true spectacle, delivering exhilarating performances from start to finish.

Blackpink World Tour Singapore 2023 [Born Pink]

The Blackpink World Tour Singapore was more than a concert—it was an experience that transcended borders, languages, and cultures. It reminded us that music has the ability to connect us all, to break down barriers and create lifelong memories. Blackpink, thank you for the music, the energy, and being in our area.

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