Omulab by Slurp Cafe @ Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya

Omulab, a Japanese omurice restaurant in Petaling Jaya that once was the talk of the town / social media for quite some time. Even all the hype… somehow, I wasn’t really keen to try it out. I mean, how different can an egg taste? But ended up here after a friend decided to try this restaurant out.

Omulab by Slurp Cafe

This restaurant is located in a rather secluded area, Section 17 Petaling Jaya, same row with Strangers at 47. The restaurant itself is rather small, so do keep that in mind if you plan to visit the outlet during peak hours (but judging by the crowd at dinner time on a weekend, you need not worry too much). Parking is rather limited as well.

We tried two of their mains, Omu Kare (omelette, fried rice with japanese curry) and Omu Tomato (omelette, kimchi fried rice with tomato sauce), and one of their desserts, Warabimochi to finish it off.

Omu Kare – RM20.79

Omulab - Omu Kare
Omu Kare – RM18.90 (RM20.79 inclusive of service tax)

The Omu Kare, is fried rice served with an omelette on top, salad, a dab of sambal, and Japanese curry (served separately). Upon slicing it, viola, the oval omelette will unfurl itself to reveal soft cooked egg curds, and will wrap itself over the fried rice underneath.

Omulab - Omu Kare (Open)
Omu Kare – after slicing it open

To be honest, after a few mouthfuls of the fried rice and egg, and you sort of get jelak (bored) of the egg taste / Japanese curry, unless you’re a real egg lover / Japanese curry. Yes, the egg is one a kind… yes, it’s fluffy and it takes skill to prepare the egg in this way, but the taste of the egg is still the same. It’s only for the gram.

Omu Tomato – RM21.89

Omulab - Omu Tomato
Omu Tomato – RM19.90 (RM21.89 inclusive of service tax)

Their Omu Tomato also gives out the same impression. Just that this tasted like nasi pattaya, like the ones you get at mamak stalls. Only difference is that you have to pay a bomb for this as compared to getting it at the mamak.

Warabimochi – RM8.80

Omulab by Slurp - Warabimochi
Warabimochi – RM8.00 (RM8.80 inclusive of service tax)

This turned out to be surprisingly nice. The mochi was well coated with peanut, and the sauce wasn’t as sweet as it looked.

Verdict – Mehhh!

Given the steep pricing, I probably wouldn’t visit this restaurant again. I mean RM20+ for fried rice and egg? That’s wayyyy overboard. I’d probably only drop by here again unless a friend wishes to try it out, but then again I would still recommend Strangers at 47 just down the road.

My Rating

80%: Ambiance
60%: Price (value of money)
60%: Taste
60%: Location
70%: Service
66%: Overall rating

Opening Hours

Tuesdays – Sunday: 10.30 am – 10.15 pm
Closed on Mondays

Address / Contact Information

+603 7492 7506

Jalan 17/45, Seksyen 17
46400 Petaling Jaya

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