Thyme Out HQ @ Subang, Selangor

Thyme Out is a place that holds many memories for me as I have been going there since its early days. Founded nearly a decade ago, Thyme Out began as a humble food truck known for grilling delectable Mexican street food. It is located in Subang Jaya, about a stone’s throw from Monash University, making it one of the places students can hangout while getting some work done.

As my mom wanted to try some Mexican food, I thought this was a good place to bring her.

Thyme Out HQ

Established in 2014, Thyme Out started off as a humble food truck famously grilling Mexican Street Food in and around the Klang Valley. In 2016, the restaurant took its commitment to Mexican cuisine to the next level by opening its doors in Bandar Sunway, now known as Thyme Out HQ. They also have another outlet in Damansara Jaya.

Thyme Out - Interior

As you step inside Thyme Out, you’ll be greeted by a minimalist decor that subtly pays homage to the vibrant Mexican culture. Colours have always played an important role in the Mexican culture. Hence, when you enter the restaurant, there is this indirect reference to the place of colours in the Mexican culture. Black, blue, green, yellow, and red – these shades have deep-rooted significance in ancient Mexican civilisations, and their presence in the restaurant’s design serves as an indirect nod to this cultural legacy.

Thyme Out - Sombrero Hats
Sombreros of various colours hang on the wall as decor

A particularly charming sight on one wall is an array of Mexican hats, known as sombreros, each boasting a riot of colours that pop against the clean white backdrop. For those who watch the cartoon Speedy Gonzales, the sombrero featured prominently in the cartoons. The sombrero is a word derived from the Spanish word “sombra“, meaning shade, underscoring its practical origins in providing relief from the scorching Mexican sun. The sombrero is a throwback to an agrarian culture that dominated the Mexican life in the past.

While sombreros may not be commonly worn in contemporary times, they still hold a special place in Mexican culture, resurfacing during cultural celebrations such as Cinco de Mayo, which commemorates Mexico’s historic victory over French forces in 1862 at the Battle of Puebla.

Thyme Out - Wall Painting
Jarritos – We’re not from here

On the wall opposite the sombreros, has an interesting drawing with the word Jarritos on it. Jarritos is a brand of popular slightly carbonated fruit flavoured soft drink in Mexico. The picture seems to have been influenced by the Marvel Comics and something out of ET. I guess it is trying to encourage patrons to try their in-house drinks.

The Food

Classic Nachos – RM18

To start, we ordered their classic nachos. This dish consisted of a basket of nachos served with their homemade cheese sauce topped with lettuce and pico de Gallo.

Pico de Gallo, often referred to as Mexican salsa (not to be confused with the dance), is a traditional vegetable salad composed of diced tomatoes, finely chopped onions, aromatic cilantro leaves, and a splash of lime juice.

Thyme Out - Classic Nachos
Classic Nachos with their homemade Cheese Dip

The star of the show, of course, was the tortilla chips, forming the foundation of this dish. What sets Thyme Out’s nachos apart is the role played by their homemade cheese sauce. This velvety concoction is more than just a dip; it’s a pivotal element that harmonises the entire composition.

The sauce was quite light. Hence, one would be able to actually get to the original taste of the nachos. I thought the sauce complimented the nachos and salsa well enough. It did not overwhelm the nachos and you actually get the corn taste. In this sense, it gave the dish quite a natural taste.

Burrito Bowl (Chicken) – RM17

Because there were a few of us, we tried quite a number of mains. The first was the Chicken Burrito Bowl. This dish consisted of Mexican spiced rice cooked with capsicums and onions topped with nachos and sauce.

Thyme Out - Burrito Bowl (Chicken)
Mexican-style Poke Bowl – The Burrito Bowl (Chicken)

At the core of this dish is the Mexican spiced rice, a vibrant orange canvas brimming with flavour. This rice is cooked with capsicums and onions. However, the pièce de résistance is the rice’s zesty dance with tomato sauce, where the sweetness of ripe tomatoes meets the aromatic embrace of onions, garlic, a hint of chili, and a dash of cumin. It’s a harmonious fusion that infuses each grain of rice with a burst of irresistible taste.

In many ways, this dish brought to mind the concept of a poke bowl—an all-in-one meal that combines diverse elements into a single, satisfying serving.

Burrito (Lamb) – RM23

Among the array of mains at Thyme Out, the Lamb Burrito caught my eye immediately while looking through their menu. The Lamb Burrito features a warm, toasted wheat flour tortilla enveloping a medley of ingredients, which includes crisp lettuce, zesty pico de gallo, Mexican spiced rice, your choice of protein (options range from chicken and beef to mushroom and lamb), and their signature paired sauce.

Thyme Out - Burrito (Lamb)
Thyme Out’s rendition of Lamb Burrito

Burritos are the epitome of food on the go, providing a delectable meal that’s easy to devour anywhere. The unique texture and flavour of the tortilla added a special touch to every bite. While burrito tortilla skins are heartier than their Chinese spring roll counterparts, the concept of wrapping ingredients neatly in a cylindrical shape remains a common thread. Just like with spring rolls, the choice of filling can elevate the burrito to new heights.

The Lamb Burrito I ordered didn’t disappoint. It exuded a subtle aroma of lamb. The combination of lettuce, pico de gallo, and Mexican spiced rice, along with the sauce, created an appetising ensemble. I would highly recommend this if you’re a big fan of mutton and burritos.

Mac & Cheese Burrito – RM9

One of our main course selections was the Mac & Cheese Burrito, a dish that particularly piqued my sister’s interest as she’s an ardent fan of mac and cheese. This particular dish is however, on the Kids’ Menu.

Thyme Out - Mac & Cheese Burrito
Kid sized Mac & Cheese Burrito

In the world of mac and cheese, it’s all about the cheese – the gooey, creamy, and utterly indulgent cheese. Unfortunately, this Mac & Cheese Burrito left us somewhat underwhelmed in the cheese department. In fact, it could be succinctly described in one word: “meh.”

Thyme Out - Mac & Cheese Burrito (Cut)
The Mac & Cheese Burrito – Looking rather meh

What made this dish stand out – or rather, what didn’t – was the absence of an ample cheese presence. While mac and cheese is often associated with a rich, cheesy delight, this burrito seemed to fall short in that department. My sister, a self-proclaimed mac and cheese connoisseur, expressed her disappointment in the lack of cheesy goodness in the burrito. It was as if the cheese had gone into hiding.

When crafting a Mac & Cheese Burrito, one might anticipate the need for an extra dose of flavour – or more precisely, cheese – to compensate for the neutral taste of the tortilla wrap. In this case, it seemed that the balance tipped in favour of the tortilla, leaving the cheese flavour somewhat subdued.

Quesadillas (Mushroom) – RM20

Quesadillas, for those unacquainted, are a delightful take on the classic tortilla concept. Instead of the traditional wrapping method, quesadillas transform the ingredients into a folded masterpiece gelled together by the cheese. The result? A delightful tortilla sandwich showcasing the fillings within. It’s a creative twist on the familiar, and it’s executed with culinary finesse at Thyme Out.

Thyme Out - Quesadillas (Mushroom)
A must try! – Quesadillas (Mushroom)

This was my mom’s choice, and she tried the mushroom version of quesadillas. The mushroom quesadillas featured roasted capsicums, crisp lettuce, pico de gallo, and, of course, the star of the show – mushrooms.

She thoroughly enjoyed it. Everything came together rather well for this order. The cheese was of the right consistency. The cheese, which is often the heart and soul of quesadillas, struck the perfect balance. It was gooey enough to create that irresistible pull but firm enough to maintain its integrity within the tortillas. You can’t go very wrong with mushrooms usually and this one is no exception. The mushroom lent the filling a rather fragrant mushroomy smell which made the quesadillas rather appetising.

Everyone who pinched on her order agreed that this is one of the nicer orders for the day.

Especiales Tacos – Finding Dory – RM23

Our culinary journey at Thyme Out culminated with a spicy adventure – the “Finding Dory” Especiales Tacos, a dish featuring battered and deep-fried Dory fish strips served on a bed of coleslaw with a side of jalapeño mayo.

Thyme Out - Taco Finding Dory
All Especiales Tacos come in 3s

Our collective verdict on these tacos was unanimous: they packed a fiery punch. Surprisingly, the spiciness didn’t stem from the anticipated source, the jalapeno mayo, which was, in fact, a delicious and creamy delight. Instead, a hidden layer of what seemed like chili sauce nestled between the coleslaw and fish brought forth the heat. While spice enthusiasts might rejoice, we collectively felt that a milder sauce would have allowed the other flavours to shine more brightly.

Thyme Out - Finding Dory
Up close to a Finding Dory Especiales Taco

Amid the fiery sensation, the jalapeno mayo emerged as a shining star. Its creamy, zesty notes provided a delightful contrast to the spice, offering a cooling respite. We couldn’t resist dipping our nachos into this flavorful concoction, and it elevated our dipping experience to new heights.


Thyme Out is highly recommended for Mexican food aficionados seeking a taste of Mexico in Selangor. Whether you’re a fan of classics like tacos and burritos or interested in exploring creative twists on traditional dishes, Thyme Out offers a culinary journey that’s worth embarking on. So, if you’re on the lookout for decent Mexican fare, don’t miss the opportunity to indulge your taste buds at Thyme Out.

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My Rating

85%: Ambiance
75%: Price (value for money)
85%: Taste
75%: Location
80%: Service
80%: Overall Rating

Opening Hours

Open daily from 11 AM – 10 PM

Address / Contact Information

+603 5886 0596

Thyme Out HQ
66, Jalan PJS 11/7

Bandar Sunway
47500 Subang Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia

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