5 Best Survey Platforms in Malaysia [2021]

Did you know doing surveys is one of the easiest ways to earn some extra pocket money in Malaysia? Research companies are always looking for people all over the world to share their opinions and thoughts, and they do it through conducting surveys.

Did you know?
Surveys can help gauge the representativeness of individual views and experiences. It provides hard numbers of people’s opinions and behaviours that can be used to make important business decisions!

How does it work? Simply join a paid survey site, answer surveys, and they reward you with either cash or gift cards. Do remember to answer their profiling questions so that they can begin to match you with surveys that match your profile.

Survey Platforms in Malaysia

Can you earn a living out of doing surveys? The short answer is no. Answering surveys will only reward you with a little extra pocket money for you to splurge on treats.

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One thing to remember is when you’re answering those questions, be sure to answer them honestly as they will check to see if you give consistent answers throughout.

So without any further ado, here are my top ‘tried and true’ survey platforms.

My Top 5 Picks for Survey Platforms in Malaysia

PlatformSurveytimeMOBROGMilieuRakuten InsightSurveyon
Surveytime MOBROG Milieu Rakuten Insight Surveyon
Mobile SupportVide mobile browserIts own appIts own appVia mobile browserHave its own app
Desktop SupportYesYesNoYesNo
Survey Frequency1-3 surveys per week1-3 surveys per week1-3 surveys per week1-3 surveys per week1-2 surveys per week
Earnings inCashCashPointsPointsPoints
Survey Rewards per Successful Survey Completed$0.50-1.00$0.10-2.007-200 points10 – 360 points1 – 3,600 points
Email Notification of New SurveysYesYesYesYesYes
Payment CurrencyUSDUSDVouchers in RMVouchers in RMUSD
Payment Frequency / MethodInstant to Amazon, Paypal, Target or Decathlon (depending on country)Instant once hit minimum threshold of USD6.25 to EcoMatcher, PayPal or SkrillTo receive voucher within 10 working daysTo receive voucher in the following month-end7 to 10 days, processed between 3rd and the 10th of every month
Link to Join / Referral CodeSurveytimeMOBROGMilieuSKezf9sRakuten InsightSurveyon
Summary of Survey Platforms Available in Malaysia

1. Surveytime

This is the fastest paying survey platform that I’ve found so far. They pay USD1 for every successful survey you complete. Sometimes when there are no surveys available, you will be instead offered surveys that pay USD0.50 instead if you complete it successfully. Pretty good deal I’d say.

Did you know?
Surveytime is run by – a global mobile ad-tech company who works with the world’s largest market research companies.

The payout method depends on which part of the world you’re currently living in, but the most common payout method is PayPal. Alternatively, they do offer payouts to Amazon, Target or Decathlon.

Surveytime will send you emails whenever there is a survey available for you to take. However, you should check their website regularly because sometimes there is a survey available but you don’t get the email notification.

If you do decide to sign up for Surveytime, please do support me by using my invite link so that I can produce more content like this.

As of the time of writing this article, Surveytime scores 4.5/5 stars on TrustPilot.

Instant payout.
Notifications of new surveys.
✖ Does not have it’s own mobile app.


This is another survey platform that also pays quite well. However, to my experience thus far, it takes a longer time to actually earn, as most of the time, I do not qualify for the survey or the quota of respondents required has been filled.

Did you know?
MOBROG is a service provided by the market research company, SPLENDID RESEARCH GmbH from Germany. They conduct surveys worldwide. They also endorse the ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice and provide their services in accordance with the guidelines for internal market research issued by MRS, CASRO, MRA and ARF.

As they conduct surveys worldwide, they have a large amount of respondents to their surveys. My advice is to answer the surveys as soon as you receive an email notification from them, or when you see a new survey available on their app or website.

Unlike Surveytime, MOBROG does not offer instant payouts. You would have to accumulate USD6.25 before you are allowed to perform a payout. The payout methods available is PayPal or Skrill, or you can elect to donate your earnings to EcoMatcher. EcoMatcher takes your credits to sponsor a tree, and you will be able to see where your tree stands, watch it grow and even chat with your tree with TreeTracker.

MOBROG will also send you notification emails whenever there is a survey available. But if there’re none available, there is always the option to try to complete a survey worth USD0.19.

If you do decide to sign up for MOBROG, please do support me by using my invite link so that I can produce more content like this. Once you’ve registered using my invite link and have completed 3 surveys, I will earn a token sum of USD1.

As of writing this article, MOBROG scores 4.5/5 stars on TrustPilot.

Has its own mobile app.
Notifications of new surveys.
Transparent payments for each survey.
Plenty of surveys to complete.
✖ Poor user interface on mobile app and desktop website.
✖ High redemption threshold.

3. Milieu

Survey Platform in Malaysia - Milieu

This survey platform is different as compared to the previous two mentioned. This survey platform exclusively to mobile. You can only complete surveys through their app.

Instead of earning cold hard cash, you earn points. You can use those hard-earned points to redeem various rewards. The rewards are dependent on which country you live in. For Malaysia, the rewards they offer are vouchers from GrabFood, GrabRide, Giant, Shopee, Lazada, TnG and a few more. Do also note that there’s a tier system where you can get a point boost once you’ve earned a certain amount of points.

Based on my experience, the time taken to redeem a reward is quite long but they do publish insightful articles based on the data they have analysed. Their surveys are generally short and sweet, and are more interesting and relevant.

If you do decide to sign up for Milieu Surveys, do use my referral code: SKezf9s. By using my referral code, you will be able to earn an additional 500 points after you’ve completed 7 surveys.

Has its own mobile app.
Short and sweet surveys.
Nice app user interface.
Insightful articles in the app.
✖ Points you can earn for each day is limited (sometimes none at all).
✖ Takes a long time before you can finally redeem a voucher.

4. Rakuten Insight

Survey Platform in Malaysia - Rakuten Insight

Similar to Milieu, you earn points for each completed survey. If you do not fit the survey profiling requirements, you’d still get a token sum of 10 points for trying. From my experience, a normal survey reward can range from 5 points to around 500 points per survey.

Did you know?
Rakuten Insight Surveys is an online survey platform operated by Rakuten Insight Global, Inc. They serve business organisations, universities, and entities from all over the world, primarily from Europe, US and Asia.

You can use your hard-earn points to redeem various physical vouchers/e-vouchers from Grab, Lazada, KFC, McD, Touch ‘n Go and Aeon. Each point is worth RM0.01. So, 1,000 points would mean RM10 in vouchers. However, redeeming a voucher can take quite a fair bit amount of time as compared to the other sites. You’d typically receive the vouchers you’ve redeemed in the following month-end.

Notifications of new surveys.
Nice website layout and interface.
You still get a token of 10 points should you not qualify for the survey.
✖ Redemption of points to issuing of the voucher takes a long time.

5. Surveyon

Survey Platform in Malaysia - Surveyon

Surveyon is somewhat similar to MOBROG as Surveyon has their own app as well. But their reward system is points based, similar to Milieu.

Every 10,000 points is equivalent to USD1 and they use PayPal as their payout method. However, you have to earn at least 20,000 points, equivalent to USD2, to be able to perform a payout.

What’s unique about this platform is that you also have the option to create surveys for your own market research. They have a quick poll option that allows its users to post their own questions. If you are able to get 100 people to answer your poll, you’ll earn an additional 500 points!

Based on my experience, the time taken to earn 20,000 points is very long. This is because if there are no surveys available, you can only earn 3 points per day through their quick poll. In my case, I took about a month plus to accumulate 10,000 points.

Has its own mobile app.
Ability to create your own quick poll questions.
✖ Points you can earn for each day is limited.
✖ Not many surveys available.
✖ High redemption threshold.

Final Words

And there you have it – our top 5 tried and true survey platforms in Malaysia. Have you tried out any of the above platforms? Do let us know your experience. Or you if you have a better platform that is not listed above, do let us know in the comments so that we can also get in on that action!

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    1. I have read about before, but have never used them as of yet. I understand that they send out their surveys via their app, Vase Surveys.

      I will check them out again, and possibly write up a review on them soon. Stay tuned!

  1. is a scam. just google….they take your IC number and then never reimburse you the money you’re owed.

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