Restoran 52 @ Semenyih, Selangor

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They always say that the best food are always hidden, but ask any local, they’ll direct you to best hidden gems in the area. This place, located in Semenyih town, is famed for their curry fish head and Guinness pork ribs, a longtime favourite that locals want to keep secret!

Parking in the restaurant itself is scarce. However, there’s a Chinese temple just down the road with ample parking where you can park your vehicle instead. Do not park by the side of the road as the roads are already quite narrow as it is.

The restaurant is pretty much full during peak hours – lunch and dinner times. Furthermore, they have temporarily reduced the number of tables in the restaurant to comply with the Standard Operating Procedures given by the Ministry of Health during the Conditional Movement Control Order period. So, do come early (or late) if you do not wish to queue for a table.

Fried Egg and Fish Head Curry (RM54)

The interior is basic, with just basic tables and chairs. But the main feature isn’t the ambiance, but the food! People come from all over Malaysia to enjoy their thick and aromatic fish head curry (RM54). This curry dish is packed to the brim with fish head chunks and assorted vegetables, with enough richness from the coconut milk. You’ll see this dish on almost all of the tables.

Guinness Stewed Pork Ribs (RM20)

Another noteworthy dish is their Guinness stewed pork ribs (RM20)! The pork was tender and well-seasoned with the sweet sticky marinade, though I would prefer them to have less bones and or more meat, or be served boneless.

Apparently, they have another famous dish – fried salted egg squid, though I didn’t manage to try it as of yet. Also, if you’d prefer the meatier version of the curry fish head, order their curry tilapia fish instead!

I will definitely visit the restaurant again if I’m in the area. It’s pretty far from where I stay. So, unless I have a craving for good old Hakka (Chinese) style of cooking, curry fish head or pork ribs, then only I will drag myself all the way there to the other side of town.

My Rating

70% : Ambiance
70% : Price (value for money)
80% : Taste
40% : Location (ease of parking)
75% : Service
67% : Overall Rating

Opening Hours

Address / Contact Information

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