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Located inside Atria Shopping Gallery is Swich, a cake shop that offers a variety of cakes that incorporates local fruits and flavors. Some of their interesting flavors are Gula Melaka Apple Cinnamon cake, Pomegranate Pistacho cake and others.

A few years back, I heard of their legendary Mangosteen Cake. I’m a big fan of mangosteens, but luck was never on my side till recently. Previously, when I visited their outlets (Publika / Atria), it was always not available and was told that it was seasonal depending on the availability of fresh mangosteens.


We have now updated our Mangosteen cake with more flavour by adding more mangosteens into the mousse. More mangosteen reduction is folded into the frosting and finally we crown the cake with fresh mangosteens (if available). It’s a true labour of love!

A word of warning, this cake relies entirely on the quality and mostly the sweetness of the fresh natural mangosteen fruit. There is no mangosteen essence or flavouring in the market that we know of. Mangosteen fruit does not have a very assertive flavour and we have included as much fruit as we can into each cake. If you are looking for exact mangosteen flavour, we recommend eating the fruit fresh! We do random sampling of the fruits for ripeness and quality but we cannot sample through 100kgs of mangosteens! We hope you’ll enjoy this one of a kind cake, only found at Swich! – extract from Swich’s website

Priced at RM15 for a small slice of cake, I would say I was pretty disappointed with the taste given the popularity and raving reviews of the cake back then. It was either the cake that I had was stale (as I visited the shop after dinner time), or it just sucked. If it was stale, the shop should have just chucked those away rather than selling it to unsuspecting customers who pay premium for these cakes.

Mangosteen cake (RM15 a slice)

The cake comprises of four layers – two layers of vanilla sponge cake with two layers of mousse on top of each layer of sponge cake. To top it off were two pieces of mangosteen fruit. The mousse contained bits of mangosteen flesh and little bits of nuts (tasted a bit like cashew nuts).

Generally, I felt that the cake that I had was overrated and bad. My sister who tried it with me agreed with me, and she’s a big fan of cakes. It didn’t really taste like a mangosteen cake other than the mangosteen bits in the mousse and the real mangosteen fruit on top. The mangosteen on top also looked like it has been out for quite some time. The mousse tasted weird as well… maybe it was because of the unusual combination with mangosteen. I felt that the sponge cake should be thicker, rather than having such a thick layer of mousse. I also found the little pieces of nuts to be rather annoying (personal preference – the same reason why I don’t like nutty ice-cream). The after taste after having the cake was also unpleasant.

On that note, I wouldn’t recommend this cake / shop to anyone… though you may brave your taste buds and wallet should you still decide to go for it.

My rating:
70%: Ambiance
60%: Price (value of money)
50%: Taste
80%: Location
70%: Service
66%: Overall rating

Opening hours:
10 AM – 10 PM (Daily)

3, Jalan SS 22/23
Damansara Jaya
47400 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 012 777 3247

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