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In Person School

In Person School, Finally?

From in person school to online, that was what Covid-19 hastened. By October 2021, 18 months of disruption to the …

Formal Education - Still relevant or outdated?

Formal Education – Still relevant or outdated?

Is formal education still relevant today? We are one year plus into the pandemic, and still close to half of …

Stopping Consumerism – Why is it’s time to stop celebrating it?

I just recently watched a documentary about fast fashion and where the out-of-fashion products ended up. It struck a nerve …


Best Ever 2020 SPM Results?

Best ever SPM results in 5 years was a surprise to everyone when it was announced in June this year. …


A Different Ending to Secondary School

School has reopened and closed quite a number of times over the last two years due to the pandemic. Read …

Teacher Shortage in Malaysia

Teacher Shortage in Malaysia – again?

Today, (20/06/21) the Minister of Education had a special press briefing, announcing that there was a teacher shortage in Malaysia.