80%-100% 60-79% 40-69% 20-39% 0-19%
Ambiance Awesome and clean Modest and clean Bearable and clean Uncomfortable and slightly dirty Dirty and uncomfortable
Price in contrast to the quality and taste of food Extremely reasonable Reasonable Rather pricey Pricey Extremely pricey
Taste Well-cooked, excellent combination and tasty. Well-cooked and tasty. Meh Yucky. Disgusting.
Location Easy to find.


Easy to find.


Moderately easy to find. Hard to find. Extremely secluded and hard to find.
Easily accessible by public transport / ample parking available. Relatively easy to find by public transport / parking available. Moderately easy to find by public transport / got parking available. Hard to find by public transport / got parking available. Not accessible by public transport / no parking available.
Clear and brightly-lit signboard. Clear signboard. Clear signboard. Unclear signboard. No signboard.
Service Excellent service.

Goes the extra mile to provide exceptional service.

Good service. Average service. Poor service and/or rude staff. Dismal service and rude staff.

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