AmbianceAwesome and cleanModest and cleanBearable and cleanUncomfortable and slightly dirtyDirty and uncomfortable
Price in contrast to the quality and taste of foodExtremely reasonableReasonableRather priceyPriceyExtremely pricey
TasteWell-cooked, excellent combination and tasty.Well-cooked and tasty.MehYucky.Disgusting.
LocationEasy to find.


Easy to find.


Moderately easy to find.Hard to find.Extremely secluded and hard to find.
Easily accessible by public transport / ample parking available.Relatively easy to find by public transport / parking available.Moderately easy to find by public transport / got parking available.Hard to find by public transport / got parking available.Not accessible by public transport / no parking available.
Clear and brightly-lit signboard.Clear signboard.Clear signboard.Unclear signboard.No signboard.
ServiceExcellent service.

Goes the extra mile to provide exceptional service.

Good service.Average service.Poor service and/or rude staff.Dismal service and rude staff.