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Hybrid working

Say Hi to Hybrid Working! – What hybrid working has taught me?

When my company announced that we’d soon be transitioning from fully work from home to a hybrid working arrangement, I …

Open to Think

Book Review: Open to think – Slow down, think creativity, and make better decisions by Dan Pontefract

In this book – Open to think, Dan Pontefract explains how his “dream, decide, do” system works. He also provides …

Reference Checking

Has reference checking lost its value?

Ever heard of reference checking when you applied for jobs? Unless you’re a fresh graduate, I bet the question of …


Presenteeism – Why Should You Care?

Presenteeism? Doesn’t ring a bell? I don’t blame you. It’s a topic that is less discussed as compared to its …

Why Work?

[Opinion] Why Work?

Why work? Why do we do what we do? Why do we spend so much time working, to the extent …

Working From Home

What Working from Home has Taught Me

Who would have thought working from home would be a reality of quickly? Though the option of working from home …