Taste Good 好味小厨 @ Sim Lim Square, Singapore

Sim Lim Square is the place in Singapore to buy computers and other gadgets, similar to Plaza Low Yat in Malaysia. But hidden within this place is Taste Good, a restaurant that serves arguably one of the best salted egg chicken rice that I’ve had in my life.

Taste Good 好味小厨

Although Taste Good is located in the back-alley of Level 2 Sim Lim Square, it’s hard to miss it because of the snaking long queues at the establishment. Don’t get scared by the queue though, it’s probably the queue for those getting their economy rice. To order from their a la carte menu, there’s a separate queue for that. If you don’t see a separate queue, you can head straight to the cashier to place your order and pay for it.

Taste Good 好味小厨

They have 3 separate shop lots for seating. All of the shop lots have the Taste Good signboard. Although it may seem that they have a lot of seating space, it can get pretty full during peak lunch hours.

Taste Good - Shops

Taste Good opens at 9 AM for breakfast. Their signature dishes are only available from 12 noon onwards all way till they close. It can get pretty crowded during lunch and dinner hours. But fret not, if you’re confused, approach one of their friendly staff, and they will guide you on how to place an order or find you a table.

The Food

Salted Egg Diced Chicken Rice – $5.90 / Add Egg – $0.60

The recommended must-try dish is their signature dish – salted egg diced chicken rice! It’s served in a mini wok, great for aesthetic photos.

Taste Good - Salted Egg Diced Chicken Rice

Taste-wise, it was everything I expected it to be. The chicken was tender. There was the strong kick from the spiciness of the chilli in the salted egg sauce. Overall, it was delicious!

Salted Egg Prawn Rice – $7.00 / Add Egg – $0.60

I also tried the other salted egg variation – prawns!

Taste Good - Salted Egg Prawn Rice

They were really generous with the amount of prawns given. I’m happy to report that the prawns didn’t have any fishy smell.


Taste Good is truly a hidden gem that is located just next to Bugis. It is definitely one of the best salted egg chicken rice place I’ve had. The sauce had the right amount of creaminess, sweetness and spiciness that went well with the protein. However, if I had to choose between the two salted egg dishes I tried, I’d take the chicken version any day.

Taste Good - Waiting Number

The food here are generally very reasonably priced. Drinks weren’t that expensive either. They charged $0.90 for Chinese Tea and $1.50 for Teh Ice.

If you’re a fan of all things salted egg, Taste Good should definitely be in your must-try list of restaurants!

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My Rating

70%: Ambiance
85%: Price (value for money)
90%: Taste
85%: Location
90%: Service
84%: Overall Rating

Opening Hours

Open daily from 9:00 AM to 7:45 PM

Address / Contact Information

+65 6336 6298

1 Rochor Canal Road
#02-04 Sim Lim Square
Singapore 188504

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