Nefu Plabo 2 Channel Dash Cam Review

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This is another review on car dash cam – Nefu Plabo 2 Channel Dash Cam, a Korean brand. This dash cam is fixed in my mom’s car. She opted for Nefu Plabo because the shop that she usually frequents was carrying this and after a quick check, she decided to go for it. This dash cam comes with front and rear cameras, unlike the one I got for my own car.

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Nefu Plabo 2 Channel Dash Cam

Own native app for direct sharing and video editing.
Different recording modes, manual and impact detection capabilities.
You can upgrade memory later on.
✖ GPS module is sold separately.

Nefu Plabo is 2 channel full high definition non-display dash cam with wi-fi. This means the output for both cameras are full high definition. The display on the phone screen is way clearer than her car screen, I might add.

Nefu Plabo 2 Channel Dash Cam - Front - Rear
Video ResolutionFront : FHD 1920 x 1080 @ 30fps
Rear : FHD 1920 x 1080 @ 30fps
Image SensorFront : 1 / 2.8” 2M SONY STARVIS
Rear : 1 / 2.9” 2M SONY EXMOR
Video CodecH.264 High Profile
Dimensions FrontFront : 103mm x 40.5mm x 55mm
Rear : 65mm x 30mm x 28mm
Applicable CapacityMicro SDHC (16Gb / 32Gb / 64Gb / 128Gb / 256Gb)
Recording ModeNormal / Event / Manual / Parking (Motion & Impact detection)
Viewing AngleFront : (H)115° x (V)62° x (D)145°
Rear : (H)110° x (V)60° x (D)140°
LCDNo screen
GPSExternal & Optional
LED IndicatorsFront : Security, GPS, REC, WiFi LED
Rear : Status LED
G-Sensor3-Axis Acceleration Sensor, +2g / -2g
Input PowerDC 12V, 0.5A / DC 24V, 0.3A / DC Plug(Φ3.5 x 1.1)
Wire : (B)GND, (Y)BATT, (R)ACC
Power consumptionMax. 4.8W (if all the options are turned on, the things such as GPS and LCD)Certifications FCC, CE(All certifications are scheduled to acquire within 3Q ‘18) Software IOS & Android compatible mobile app / Window & Mac compatible PC viewer Patented Tech. “Three Format Free Technology” (eliminating the need for periodical manual format)
Operating Temperature-20°C ~ 70°C (-4°F ~ 158°F)
High Temperature Cut-off: Approximately 70°C (158°F)

In the box you get the main unit or front camera, hardwire cable, rear camera with its cable and a 16GB micro SD card which she was told can take 9 hours worth of recording.

Nefu Plabo 2 Channel Dash Cam comes with a voice guidance speaker. Video resolution is at 1920 X 1080 @ 30 fps for both front and rear cameras. Viewing angle is 115(H)X62(V)X145(D) for front camera and 110(H)X60(V)X140(D) for rear camera.

What I like about the Nefu Plabo 2 Channel Dash Cam?

✓ Own native app for direct sharing and video editing

Like the 70mai Dash Cam M500, you also need to download an app into your phone to access and review the dash cam footage. In this case it’s the Nefu app, which is their native app.

One of the nice thing I especially like about the Nefu Plabo 2 Channel Dash Cam is the video editing and direct share through Smart App feature. This means you can edit your recordings directly from the application itself and then share it to your personal storage or social media without having to download the recordings beforehand.

Everything can be done from your phone. Videos from the front and rear cameras are neatly stored in the app for easy retrieval. Recording files are neatly stored in different folders and you are also able to find trip data and travel routes by date.

✓ Excellent photo and video quality

The dash cam captures the images clearly as claimed. The Sony STARVIS image sensor works as promised in its literature in low light too. I’d say the video quality is equally good for the day and night. Number plates can be seen clearly with no issues.

Nefu Plabo 2 Channel Dash Cam - Night Shot
Picture captured at night

With the live view running from your camera, you can actually use your phone to monitor your rear traffic which my mom finds to be very helpful. Horizontal viewing is available for both front and rear cameras. And you get the choice of reversing the left and right, which is quite nice. Plus the video is really clear.

However, there is a slight lag, of about a second, I guess because the video is transmitted through wi-fi from the camera to the phone. One more thing, live video streaming via the social networking service (SNS) feature is also available but only for iOS based mobile app currently.

There is also a smart time-lapse mode which she doesn’t have much use as of yet.

✓ Different recording modes, manual and impact detection capabilities

You get these recording modes – normal (continuous), event, manual and parking. Drive mode recordings are saved in 1 minute segments. Event triggered videos are stored in 30 seconds segment. 15 seconds of video prior and after the event will also be automatically stored. Park recordings are also in 30 seconds segments. The same goes for parked mode too.

The Nefu Plabo 2 Channel Dash Cam also has manual and impact detection capabilities. Event mode is triggered when there is motion detected.

Trip data are also schematised with data such as mileage, time and speed are also available. The app also comes with a travel log and also locate vehicle function.

✓ You can upgrade memory later on

A SD slot means you have the option of upgrading the SD card to a higher capacity one should the need arise. This is unlike the 70mai Dash Cam M500 which comes with built-in memory.

What I wish the Nefu Plabo 2 Channel Dash Cam did better at?

✖ GPS module is sold separately

The Nefu Plabo 2 Channel Dash Cam also comes with a GPS module port. The GPS module is sold separately. The lack of the unit, however, I think is not a major issue since our phones are basically our GPS these days.

Nefu Plabo 2 Dash Cam - Rear

Verdict – Recommended!

This dash cam lives up to its claims. Mom got a very special price for her unit because the son of the proprietor was a former student of hers.

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Get yours today on Shopee / Lazada Malaysia!

My mom got it at a physical shop in Kedah. Alternatively, you can get it on Shopee or on Lazada.

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