Portable Instant Hot Water Dispenser – Xiaomi JMEY D1 Review

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Drinking water is something that everyone of us has to look into wherever we are. Whether it is going to college, or moving into a new house, ensuring a clean supply of drinking water is always one of the things that makes it to the top of the “must-have” list. Many homes opt for a water dispenser for this purpose these days.

The Work Behind Our Drinking Water

But in our home, we have been rather traditional in getting our drinking water. Mom will always boil the water and then pour it into the Zebra brand container where we will all go to fill up our cups/containers for our drinks. If you want hot water, that meant restarting the boiler. When we were still kids, it was the trusted old flask that would keep the hot water.

We have had a subscription based water purifier systems in our market for quite some time. These are systems offered by companies like Coway and Cuckoo, among the better known brands. With the subscription based system, a customer basically pays a monthly fixed sum. The machine and scheduled service of the machine are seen to by the company throughout the duration of the contract.

In recent years, more standalone machines have entered the market. You buy the machines and maintain them yourself. Basically these are cheaper than the former but with more hassle.

But one thing that both systems share is you need to fix an additional tap outlet so that water can be continuously supplied to the machine to be filtered. That can be quite a hassle if you did not incorporate a space for the filter in your kitchen or if you have a small kitchen counter space. This is where the Xiaomi JMEY D1 Hot Water Dispenser comes in.

Xiaomi JMEY D1 Hot Water Dispenser

General Specifications:
– Multi-layer filtration, with filter element, purifying and drinking.
– Temperature control: 6-stage temperature control – 25, 45, 65, 75, 85 and 99 degrees Celsius
– Water output levels: 3 outputs – 200 ml, 350 ml and 500 ml
– Capacity: 2.8L
– Rated Power: 2000W 220V ~50Hz

The Xiaomi JMEY D1 Hot Water Dispenser is small and portable. It is the biggest plus point when deciding to get a hot water dispenser. Coming in at a very cute size of about 30 cm in length and about 20 cm in width, it would fit into most kitchen counter or table. It has a height of about 26 cm. Placed anywhere, it doesn’t come across as one of those obtrusive kitchen appliances.

The other plus point is its portability. You can basically carry it and put it anywhere you want around the house. It can even be in your hall if you choose so. And this is why, this little water dispenser would make a good company for students living away from home too.

How It Works

Xiaomi JMEY D1 Hot Water Dispenser is as simple as it can get for a water filter. All you need to do is fill it up with water, by pouring it into the jug. You can either just detach the jug from the machine and take it the sink to be filled or pour into it via a little opening at the top.

In the main jug, an attachment with a filter nestles snugly midway. It’s actually quite an ingenious design in that the water is slowly filtered through the next chamber. A small gap from the nozzle leading the bottom chamber enables the filtered water to be poured out for drinking.

The filter is recommended to be changed every 3-4 months. Each one costs around RM30. You can get it cheaper if you buy from Taobao, though. For a single user, I reckon every 6 months will suffice. Assuming you spend RM50 a month buying filtered water, you’d get back the cost of your initial purchase within 6-7 months with the Xiaomi Instant Water Dispenser.

Water is dispensed in 6 different temperature levels. 25, 45, 65, 75, 85 and 99 degrees Celsius. That makes making tea, coffee, cereal really convenient when you are rushing in the morning. There are 3 water levels which the machine can dispense – 200 ml, 350 ml and 500 ml. So for a small household with limited space, this is quite a dandy water dispenser to own and use.

Everything is in Mandarin though since this is meant for the China market. It’s touch screen and there is even a lock function as a safety precaution. But after a while of using it, it doesn’t matter what language is being used on the dashboard.


The Xiaomi JMEY D1 Hot Water Dispenser lives up to its name of dispensing water at any of the 6 levels of temperature set instantly. That is one of the biggest selling point of this portable water dispenser I feel. That apart from it being portable, which basically means you can place it on your computer table as you work.

The filter for this water dispenser is made from granular activated cotton filter, carbon from coconut shell and ion exchange resins; all housed in a polypropylene filter casing. Size-wise, this is a filter for an individual or very small family.

As for convenience, it definitely beats the old fashioned kettle where warm/hot water is concerned. As a matter of fact, you can’t get kettles to dispense water at the desired temperature instantly. This one wins hands down.

This one doesn’t dispense cold water but that’s a small inconvenience. But Xiaomi has other models which does that. Overall, this is a good water dispenser to get for college going students and also small households.

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Get yours today on Shopee / Lazada Malaysia!

As always, the item is selling cheaper on Shopee at RM306.

If you prefer Lazada, here’s a link to seller who has a high rating for you to buy it from.

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