The Best Nasi Lemak in Malaysia? – Village Park Nasi Lemak @ Uptown Damansara, Selangor

Nasi lemak is an all time favourite for most people in Malaysia. This is a long overdue post considering Village Park is the place I would go for my quick nasi lemak fix. It’s a place that I have frequented so often either by myself or with friends, and have it delivered to me so often that I have lost count of the number of times. It’s also a place that my mom would ask to go each time she visits PJ too.

Village Park Restaurant

Village Park Nasi Lemak

So what is good here? That’s easy to see because one of your first sights as you enter the restaurant is a pile of fried chicken. And then, if you start looking around at the tables as you are seated, you will notice that most tables will have the Ayam Goreng Nasi Lemak.

The Food

Ayam Goreng Nasi Lemak – RM10.80

Through the years most of the people I take or go with to Village Park would go for the Ayam Goreng Nasi Lemak. A bite into the chicken and a mouthful of rice will win you over and probably leave you craving for more, as most will attest. So far, that is what has been happening to most of the people I know who have been there.

Village Park - Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng

The chicken is fragrant and juicy. Fried with herbs and lots of lemon grass, this is one chicken that is fried to perfection. The skin is just crispy enough and it seems to trap the juiciness of the chicken in. If you go early in the morning, most likely your fried chicken would still be warm and that makes it even nicer. You can also ask for for the batter strands of aromatic flour and herbs as topping for your nasi lemak. Just like the banana fritters crumbs, these fritters add more flavours to your nasi lemak.

Served also with their signature sambal which is cooked with anchovies and has a mild sweet and sour taste, peanuts and half of a hard boiled egg, which really complimented the fragrant nasi lemak, the dish leaves you thinking about going back for it again. I guess that is also why, many famous people have made their way there. In my last visit there, I saw the photo of the former PM’s (Muhyiddin Yassin) family hanging on the wall with the couple who runs the place. I have seen photos of other famous people over the years that I have frequented the place.

Nasi Lemak Daging

My personal favourite is the Nasi Lemak Daging, though.

Village Park - Nasi Lemak Daging

I like this because the rendang really gives the nasi lemak its own oomph. I have always been a rendang fan and I think Village Park serves rendang that is authentic and savoury enough to make me crave for it every now and then.

Nasi Dagang – RM8.50

Village Park - Nasi Dagang Set

My mom tried their nasi dagang which is glutinous rice served with curry fish (ikan tongkol) and acar. She said it is one of the better nasi dagang that she has had in a long time.


You can also order other sides such as okra, brinjal to go along with your nasi lemak.


One of the nice thing about Village Park is how Malaysian it feels when you look around as you tuck into your food. You will find Malaysians of all races and from different walks of life in the usually fully filled dining area. And everyone shares a common love for the one food that we claim to be our own – nasi lemak.

Village Park is as Malaysian as you can get for a Malaysian restaurant. For those who might want to cut down on their carbohydrates, you have other choices of food. Early mornings will find many patrons with half-boiled eggs and toast on their tables. But mind you, I saw many tables that also had the nasi lemak together with the half-boiled eggs. Apparently, half-boiled eggs also give the nasi lemak an even more creamy and lemak taste.

Village Park - Extra Sambal

Oh yes! They serve their own unique version of Malaysian toast too – sambal toast! Their signature sambal has its own following and people actually order it on their bread. By the way, you can also always order an extra serving of sambal for 80 sen. My sister who has an aversion to anything spicy actually finishes her sambal in her nasi lemak and would pinch on our unfinished sambal. I guess that is enough to attest to the pull of Village Park’s sambal.

The menu doesn’t just end there. You can also have asam laksa, kwayteow soup and pan-mee. I guess if they can add in roti canal the menu would be complete and I will probably be lost for choice even more as the latter is another one of my favourite.

Village Park Interior

People seem to be streaming into Village Park right from their opening hours which is at 7.30 a.m. Lunch time would find it filled to the brim. They used to operate from 2 shop lots but have since expanded to seat more with another lot added. These days, you find delivery riders parked outside the restaurant from opening hours too. Orders are so brisk that they actually dedicates a worker with a hailer to call out the numbers for the delivery orders.

Many say that Village Park serves one of the best nasi lemak in Petaling Jaya area, or even whole of Selangor and I agree! What makes the dining experience more appealing is also the comfort level. Though the restaurant is fully packed most of the time, it is comfortable enough. Also, service is very prompt and the restaurant helpers are always just a call away. Any request will be seen to very quickly.

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With the combination of good taste, comfortable dining and also good service for an all time Malaysian favourite food, it is no surprise that Village Park continues to draw in people for their fix of nasi lemak. After all, who can resist a delicious nasi lemak? Are you team Village Park or team Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock?

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My Rating

80%: Ambiance
80%: Price (value for money)
90%: Taste
80%: Location (ease of parking)
85%: Service
83%: Overall Rating

Opening Hours

Open daily from 6.30 AM to 5.30 PM.

Address / Contact Information

012 273 8438

Jalan SS 21/37
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya

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