RinggitPlus – Legit or not?

My best experience with RinggitPlus is quite a few of them actually. Most recently was when I was told that I won their lucky draw. Other than that, they provide top-notch customer service, and easy to understand financial information. But before going in detail on the reasons on why I like them, let me first talk about what RinggitPlus is.

What is RinggitPlus? Who are they?

RinggitPlus.com is born and bred in Malaysia. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, RinggitPlus.com is one of several brands owned and operated by FinTech company Jirnexu Sdn Bhd. They have now gained a reputation as being the best place to compare financial products and a one-stop centre to apply for them. They offer quick and easy-to-read comparisons and will assist you in applying for credit cards, loans, savings, insurance, and even internet products!

Did you know?
Jirnexu is also from Kuala Lumpur and made it’s start in 2012. They launched RinggitPlus.com in 2013, and since expanded to Indonesia in 2014 – launching a sister site, called KreditGoGo.com. In 2015, they expanded their reach into B2B solutions.
About Us – Jirnexu.com

Why Do I Like RinggitPlus?

As working adults, it is always important to equip ourselves with the right financial knowledge so that you’ll have the freedom to do the things you want in life. I have actually used RinggitPlus as a comparison tool for quite some time now, and I have watched them grow from a mere credit card comparison site to so much more. I can safely say that RinggitPlus is one of the best educational financial site. It does a good job in educating one with the right financial knowledge.

Important and impartial information all at one place

RinggitPlus has consistently published impartial information that one needs to make the right decisions and save money on products and services you use every day. Going to the banks will mean you need to read long, lengthly fine prints (e.g. the terms and conditions, etc.). These are often too complicated for the average Joe to understand. What RinggitPlus has done is that they have translated those complicated legal documents into a language that is simple to understand.

Assists you all the way in your application

RinggitPlus also makes it easy to apply for a new financial product. They have their in-house innovation such as XpressApply and chatbot to make your application process quicker. Plus, they are also on WhatsApp, and can also process your application there.

RinggitPlus - WhatsApp

I have personally applied on their site, which then proceeded the application onto WhatsApp. An automated bot manages the entire process, which I’d say is quite smart on their part. It saves manpower on their end, and still gets the job done efficiently.

They are quite responsive to your queries

I’ve also sent quite a number of e-mails to them regarding some questions I had over the years – (1) enquiries about a financial product, (2) terms and conditions of a promotion of their promotion, and (3) gift redemption process. I’d say they have been pretty responsive to my e-mails. They are efficient and professional. Nothing better than a top-notch, responsive customer service!

They often have attractive sign-up promos!

This is a plus point on why one should sign up for their financial products on RinggitPlus.com. They often run various promotional sign-up promos featuring free gifts you can win if you successfully sign up a financial product through them. Sign-up gifts ranges anything like a luggage bag, smart phones, smart watches, air fryers, and more!

Read more on my cash back credit cards picks:

I recently won an iPhone 12 from them for signing up a credit card through them. I am over the moon, of course! It is the first time I’ve won just a high ticket item gift in my entire life! A few years back, I also won two luggage bags from them when I signed up for another credit card. So, yeah, RinggitPlus has also been generous to me.

At the end of the day

Apply for a financial product only if you need it, and not for the free gifts. The freebie is just a plus. Remember, every new financial product that you take on is an added responsibility to you. At the end of the day, the rule of thumb is that you should always spend less than what you earn.

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