Yummy Noodles at Lee & Lee Noodle Delights @ Alor Setar, Kedah

Those who know me well knows that I’m not a big fan of noodles. But this place is an exception – Lee & Lee Noodle Delights.

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Lee & Lee Noodle Delights

This restaurant has been around ever since I was small. Tired of the usual black sauce wanton noodles? Try my personal favourite – dry curry wanton noodles! The curry’s rich and spicy taste goes really well with their sweet and soft charsiew, prawns and noodles.

Fun fact: Wonton noodles is a noodle dish of Cantonese origin. The dish is usually egg noodles served in hot broth, garnished with leafy vegetables and wonton dumplings. In Malaysia, different states have different version of the dish. The Malaysian version differs from the original in having slices of char siu added to the dish, as well as the possibility of the soup and wontons in a separate bowl.

Dry Curry Noodles – RM7

Lee & Lee Noodle Delights - Dry Curry Noodles
Dry Curry Noodles – RM7

Dry curry noodles – a must try! Add sambal which is usually available separately on the grey metal bowls on various tables. I normal add a spoonful or two of sambal onto my noodles if I’m dining there.

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Their shrimp though in pictures look like they give you 4 shrimp, it’s actually only 2, as it’s a shrimp sliced into two. Portions are small. I added extra noodles.

Add-on – Shui Gao (Water Dumplings) – RM1.50 / piece

Lee & Lee Noodle Delight - Shui Gao
Shui Gao – RM1.50/piece

Did you know that wanton and shui gao are two different type of dumplings? Shui gao is often bigger in size as compared to wanton. It’s a wanton on steroids. A shui gao should usually contain either pork or shrimp as its base, and some vegetables like chives or cabbage. The one sold here is RM1.50 apiece. It’s the perfect combination for your spicy noodles.

Did you know? Water dumplings are crescent-shaped dumplings that are called shui gau. They are called water dumplings because they are cooked in boiling water.

Verdict – Must try!

This place no doubt is one of the best breakfast spots in Alor Setar. A must try for noodle lovers! Also, those who love chicken leg will be happy to know that they offer it with noodles or as a standalone dish in their menu. It’s pretty rare to see chicken leg being offered for breakfast.

Overall, this store is pricey for the same plate of noodles as compared to other local stores in Alor Setar. But for the taste, it’s worth it!

My Rating

80%: Ambiance
65%: Price (value for money)
85%: Taste
90%: Location (ease of parking)
75%: Service
79%: Overall Rating

Opening Hours

Open daily from 8 AM to 2:30 PM (except Mondays)

Address / Contact Information

012 551 1243

Jalan Tengah
Off Jalan Putra
05100 Alor Setar

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