The Warriors of Hope – Part 1

The Warriors of Hope Cover
The Warriors of Hope Cover

“When the moon is full, and the archer’s target shine brightest. A snake shall be born and he will shatter the shackles of Thanatos, bringing about days of eternal chaos. He can only be stopped, by warriors of pure heart and soul.” read Amber while reading an old book she had stumbled upon in the library titled “The battle between Celestia and Thanatos”.

The book described of the days when Thanatos freely roamed Tellus. He would destroy all that was in its path and spared no mercy. Thanatos used to be a mortal, just like everyone else. He was a talented and powerful sorcerer. However, he was greedy and yearned for more power. He sought to find a way to be immortal so that he could live for all eternity and be the most powerful sorcerer to ever exist.

It was not long after, that Thanatos found a way to gain immortality. He made a deal with the devil to gain immortality in exchange for his soul. After he gave up his soul, he became even worse. He lost his sanity and his heart turned as dark as the night. In order to gain immortality, he needed the life force. He began killing people whilst stealing their life force to become stronger.

His reign of terror lasted for many years until a young warrior with shimmering golden hair and pure of heart was born. Her name was Celestia and she was a talented sorceress that had mastered all the elements from a young age. After a protracted battle, she was able to defeat Thanatos and use all of her life force to seal him away in the stars.

Peace reigned almost immediately. Tellus has had over a thousand years of peace since that day. But, as the years passed, Celestia’s power weakened. It was prophesied that for a millennium, peace and prosperity will ensue. The prophecy also foretold of the day when her power will finally run out and Thanatos will be free once again.

“I wonder if this is really true and what does the archer’s target mean?” thought Amber.

Amber is a blossoming young sorceress who specialises in pyro magic. She has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge so she spends most of her time in the royal library reading every single book the library had to offer. As she had helped the royal family in the past, they granted her unrestricted access to that library for as long as she wished.

Amber finished the book in no time. The book offered no answer she was seeking. None of the books she had read before could answer those questions. So, she did what she could do… She started reading more books that might contain the answers she seeking for. Her insatiable quest brought her everywhere an ancient book was found.

Days soon turn into months, and finally Amber figured out the answers to most of her questions. However, the most important question still remains unanswered. Is this prophecy real?

And so Amber began to ask whomever she met. Be it on the streets or at the library. She wanted to gather as much clues as possible to find out whether the prophecy was true or not. Unfortunately for her, the people of Tellus has forgotten of this prophecy and weren’t interested in it as Tellus was prospering and their lives were comfortable.

Having exhausted most of her options to gather information, she turned to her last and only option left. She requested an audience with the royal family. Her request was accepted almost immediately and she asked them of the validity of the prophecy and what additional information could they share regarding it.

When the they heard her request, they turned visibly pale and requested her to return to her chambers while they discussed the matter amongst themselves and they will call for her when they have reached a decision.

Minutes passed, Amber sat on her bed, idly juggling 3 miniature fireballs on her hand while waiting to be summoned by the royal family. Then hours passed, she was now shaping fire into every animal shape she could think of.

Finally there was a knock on her door. The butler informed her that her presence was requested by the royal family. She hurried down to the throne room where the King and Queen of Tellus was waiting for her. She was going to get answers at long last!

When she entered the throne room, she could see both the King and Queen had solemn expressions. This made her heart drop and a million thoughts were racing through her mind. “Is the prophecy really real? Are we in danger? How are we going to stop Thanatos?”

“The prophecy is indeed real. We the royal family have been the guardians of this prophecy for generations. However, we do not know when is the day it foretells. No one has been able to understand what the archer’s target is nor do we know what the snake refers. Also, the royal family have tried and failed countless times to find those fabled warriors mentioned in the prophecy” said the King in a grim voice.

Amber felt disheartened. She had not been able to get the answers she was looking for. Furthermore, hearing the King confirmed that the prophecy was true made her feel nauseas as there was impending doom and they couldn’t prepare for it.

All of a sudden, they could hear the guards outside yelling “INTRUDER!”. Amber didn’t think twice. She positioned herself in front of the King and the Queen and got into a battle stance focusing at the entrance of the throne room, ready to defend them.

Flames from the explosion

And then, an explosion went off, destroying the door that leads to the throne room. The silhouette of a mysterious figure could be vaguely seen at the doorway.

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