My First e-Sports Tournament – Legion TD 2

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I joined my first ever e-Sports tournament hosted by The Eggsack Network on Battlefy over the weekend. The sign-up was free, and the prize was a 5€ steam gift card! I signed up with my friend for the sheer thrill of it.

The Experience

It was fun! This tournament was conducted purely online, of which I participated at the comfort of my home – from the initial sign-up at Battlefy, to playing through the knockout stages on Legion TD 2 via Steam, to the in between game announcements on Discord throughout the entire tournament. This also enabled me to team up with my friend all the way in Germany.

To my amazement or oblivion, there are other online sites that allow organisers to host online tournaments, such as Faceit and CSL ESPORTS. Guess I have not been keeping up with the Joneses.

The Eggsack Network tournament hosted on Battlefy

Battlefy is the simplest way to start, manage and find esports tournaments.

Battlefy Blog – About

Playing in the tournament brought back fond memories during university days, whereby after class, my classmates, housemates and I would spend an hour or two playing Dota 2 and Warframe. The difference with playing from home instead of in person with friends is that, when playing with friends, you can literally sense the excitement and euphoria, something that is comparatively muted when playing alone at home. Instead of shouting at your teammates in person, you shout over your mic on Discord. The feeling was just different.

On the bright side, the tournament had greater reach – meaning that you are able meet players from all over the world, instead of local players only. This particular tournament I joined had players from Croatia, Germany, Japan, Brazil, etc.

Unfortunately, my team – Giant Snails, got knocked out during the semi finals to a German team, “DontWorryBrothers” to make it an all German final.

Final Result

Fortunately enough, the organisers have decided to try make it a weekly affair. I have signed up for this coming week’s tournament. Wish me luck!

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