Garlic Roasted Chicken Rice @ Sunway, Petaling Jaya

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This place brings back memories from my university days. Anyone who studied in Monash / Sunway would definitely know this place.

I visited this place again at about 12.30 noon today (Note: there were 4 chickens hanging when I enteredread on to see how many were left by the time I left) after my friend and I were talking about this place. Only problem about getting there is parking.

Parking is even more scarce now as compared to last time, since more cafes have mushroomed up in that area and the student population has grown somewhat since Monash and Sunway University has expanded in size. Paid parking is available at Sunway (which was also full at that time) and the BRT station opposite Monash University.

Ever since leaving Monash 4 years+ ago, I was pleasantly surprised that their pricing is still about the same. I ordered their “Chicken & Char Siew Rice”, and if I don’t recall wrongly the pricing during my uni days was RM6 (right now it’s RM6.50 – which is very cheap for Sunway area). The place is still run by the same couple.

The standard has also not dropped – they didn’t cut down on the quality of their ingredients nor did they reduce the amount of chicken / char siew / roasted pork given.

What I particularly like about this place is their yellow rice – it’s fragrant and flavourful enough. Their chicken is tender enough, though I did find the char siew to be a little tough and the sauce a little too sweet today. Also, they sprinkle fried garlic bits on their chicken when served – hence their name.

Note: If you are dining there, you will just need to queue, place your order with the uncle, and find a seat. They will serve your order to your table there after.

Given the generous portions and reasonable pricing, it’s no wonder that there are still long queues here. Be prepared to wait about 15-30 minutes to be served (from queuing to place your order, to getting your food). By the time I left, they were down to their last roasted chicken (at about 1 PM).

I’ll definitely be back for more… if parking were easier to find.

My rating:
70%: Ambiance
95%: Price (value of money)
80%: Taste
70%: Location
85%: Service
80%: Overall rating

Opening hours:
8 AM – 2 PM (Mon – Sat)
Closed on Sundays

Jalan PJS 11/9
Bandar Sunway
47500 Petaling Jaya

Tel: +6016 772 5355

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  1. My colleagues and I would get our fix at least once a week back when I was working in the area, but we would have to go supeeer early (like 11.30AM) coz otherwise they’d run out. Miss the taste! Now I rarely go to Sunway other than on weekends, so haven’t been back here for awhile.

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