BBQ Bar 串越时光 @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

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I’ve always frequent to SS2 area for food, but never did notice this restaurant/ bar till I saw an advertisement on Facebook covering this place. From the pictures, it looked like an intriguing place to dine, the food looked decent and promising, so I went.

It’s a non-halal place. I visited the outlet on a weekday night at about 7PM, and it was rather empty. The open mic bar for live music was still vacant (starts at 9 PM apparently). Apparently it gets rather crowded as the night goes on. So, I guess if you’re in the mood for dining / drinking and open mic music, you might want to make a reservation first. Otherwise, you should have no problem getting a table.

Parking was quite easy to find. I managed to get a parking directly in front of the restaurant. The only day you would want to avoid SS2 are Mondays. SS2 has a weekly night market on Monday nights (trust me, massive jams alert!).

The BBQ “pit”

They serve primarily BBQ skewers to be BBQ-ed (naturally), and steamboat. I tried both. They have all kinds of meat (ranging from pork, beef, lamb and various seafood), processed meat (various fish/meatballs, sausages, etc.) and some others (like marshmallows and others).

The barbecue “pit” is a metal belt where when turned on, which will automatically rotate the skewer to ensure even cooking of the meat (say goodbye to painful manual cooking!).

The meat when served and placed on the barbecue “pit” are mostly unseasoned. They season the meat right in front of you with their various seasonings (refer to the video in the embedded instagram post). I ordered their pork shoulder (1/2 dozen – RM18), honey char siew (RM3.20 per skewer), BBQ sauce pork (RM3 per skewer), German sausages (RM4 per skewer), pig intestines (RM3 per skewer), Mei Lin’s luncheon meat (RM2.20 per skewer), cheesy seafood toufu (RM4 per skewer), honey mantou (RM3 per skewer) and a pot of melted cheese (RM8 per pot).

The types of seasoning they season your meat with.

As it was my first time here, I didn’t stop them when they were shaking their secret seasonings because I wanted to try the recommended amount. But turns out that because of the excessive seasoning, the meat was overly salty for my liking. And the melted cheese made it even saltier!

The tomyam soup steamboat (RM12)

For their steamboat, I had their tomyam soup (RM12), and ordered New Zealand lamb sliced (RM15.90), pork meat dumplings (RM6.90) and mushroom pork meat balls (RM6.90). The soup was rather salty and lacks the tomyam omph! But they do add extra soup for free as it gets salter as the pots dries up. One thing I really dislike about their steamboat is the shape of their pot. It is very hard to take things out due to its odd shape.

Overall, the only thing I really enjoyed was BBQ-ing their skewered marshmallows (RM1 per skewer – 3 pieces) on the pit. I’ve never had such an evenly roasted marshmallows ever! The bill came up to RM106.80 for two. Though yes I did order both BBQ and steamboat, I left the place unsatisfied. I felt that it was rather pricey and the food wasn’t extraordinarily good to command such pricing. Give me Korean BBQ any day (and cheaper too!). Also, I noticed when paying, the area where they prepared the food wasn’t really clean and hygienic. Hence, with the above in mind, I probably wouldn’t come back again.

My rating:
85%: Ambiance
40%: Price (value of money)
50%: Taste
80%: Location
75%: Service
66%: Overall rating

Opening hours:
5 PM – 2 AM (Mon – Thurs)
5 PM – 3 AM (Fri – Sun)

Jalan SS 2/60
47300 Petaling Jaya

Tel: +6018 779 6433

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