Hanbing Korean Dessert Cafe @ Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Update 03 September 2020: The outlet in Bangsar has closed down. One must now head over to their Subang outlet for their bingsus. 🙁

There aren’t many Korean dessert cafes to begin with, and it’s even harder to find a decent Korean dessert cafe in KL / Selangor. Hanbing Korean Dessert Cafe is the best so far in terms of the bingsu I’ve tried so far in KL / Selangor. They have a few outlets in KL / Selangor, though I usually frequent to their Bangsar and Subang outlets.

They serve both normal food and desserts, though I just go for their desserts usually. I’m happy to say that they are living to their tagline, #BestBingsuInTown! They have eight different bingsu’s to choose from, namely Blueberry Cheese Snow Ice, Injeolmi Snow Ice, Green Tea Snow Ice, Strawberry Cheese Snow Ice, Mango Snow Ice, Oreo Snow Ice, Bonfire S’mores Nutella Snow Ice and Musang King Durian Snow Ice (seasonal).

Blueberry Cheese Snow Ice (RM26 before tax)

My all time favorite is their Blueberry Cheese Snow Ice (RM26 before tax) – featuring blueberries, small pieces of cheesecake with graham cracker crust, ice cream, blueberry syrup and milk shaved ice. I prefer their milk shaved ice as compared to the others I’ve tried. Their milk shaved ice isn’t that strong, and overall compliments with the other toppings. If you especially like their cheesecake (like I do!), there’s also an option to add on extra cheesecake (served separately – off menu) for RM5. It’s a pity that they don’t serve just the whole cheesecake at their stores.

I’ve also tried their Bonfire S’mores Nutella Snow Ice (RM26 before tax). Melted / burnt marshmallows paired with the snow ice tastes surprisingly not bad, though one should not wait too long to eat the melted marshmallows, as it hardens in the ice, making it very chewy and hard.

Another dish I’ve tried here is their Spicy Fire Ramyeon (RM17.80 before tax). As the name suggests, it’s a really spicy dish! Just one mouthful of the spicy fire ramyeon can set your mouth on fire. Hence, pair it with a bingsu to smooth the spiciness of the ramyeon!

The price here is overall on the steeper side, and this is reflected on the number of patrons visiting their outlet in Bangsar during dinner time (there were only 3 other tables occupied). Though the steep price, I’ll definitely be back for more bingsu!

My rating:
90%: Ambiance
70%: Price (value of money)
90%: Taste
60%: Location
80%: Service
78%: Overall rating

Opening hours:
11 am – midnight (daily)

Jalan Telawi 3
59100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603 2202 0238

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