Fatty Crab Restaurant @ Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya

I’ve passed by this restaurant many a time, and have seen the long queues of people waiting to dine at this place. I’ve also been told by a few friends that it’s nice and famous, yet never had the urge to really check the place out… but well, finally I did!

I was quite lucky that there wasn’t a queue when I arrived, and was given a table within 5 minutes. It was full house as usual. But after me, a long queue started to form. But rest assured, their staff are attentive and their service is good.

As I only went with a friend, we ordered their signature dishes – sour and spicy crab (RM90) (the smallest order was 1.5 kg), small fried rice (RM8) and two pieces of toasted bread (RM0.80). We didn’t try their fried chicken or satay (as we thought it might be too much to finish).


I didn’t like their sour and spicy sauce that goes with the crab. I tried pairing it with their toasted bread and fried rice, but it’s was too sour for my liking, and lacked the spicy punch. I think I’ve always preferred my crabs, chilli-crab style… with the eggy taste. I also thought that the crabs I had wasn’t really that fresh (or it was just my bad luck to be served a not-so-fresh one). Also later afterwards, I was feeling rather thirsty – prefers the sauce had quite a bit of ajinomoto (MSG).

Note: You can only order their toasted bread when they serve the crabs.

Toasted bread

Their fried rice was also rather bland, I thought it lacked flavor and the fried wok taste.

Total bill came up to RM111.95, with drinks and inclusive of 6% SST. And oh, they do charge you for the towel (RM0.80) that they give you in the beginning. Though, I’d probably would never come back to this restaurant again.

My rating:
80%: Ambiance
50%: Price (value of money)
50%: Taste
80%: Location
90%: Service
70%: Overall rating

Opening hours:
5 pm – 11 pm (Tues – Sun)
(Closed on Mondays)

2, Jalan SS 24/13
Taman Megah
47301 Petaling Jaya

Tel: +603 7804 5758

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