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It has been ages since I went to a circus. I think the last time I went was when I was a little kid, and all I can remember is getting that glow-in-the-dark stick liquid into my eyes. Luckily, they don’t sell those sticks at this circus, if not I would have bought one.

The Great British Circus Malaysia is owned and operated by the Kirilov Family, and apparently it has been touring Malaysia since 2015. The crew ain’t big, and there’s strictly no animals used in their shows.

The Kirilovs policy of using only top performers in their shows means their casts is truly international, providing audiences with great entertainment and variety. Similarly, the management and staff behind the curtains and preparing the Ring originate from all over the world and are vastly experienced and real professionals! – extracted from their website

To be honest, their show is entertaining, but not mind-blowing. It’s worth a visit if you’ve not been to a circus before. They do use and dance to the latest hit songs (like hits from The Greatest Showman). They all make good use of intermission between acts… there is comedy between the Clown and Chicken, creating a perfect distraction while the crew preps the stage for the next performance.

Personally, I feel that there are only two jaw dropping acts that will wow you away, which are their Wheel of Death (where two people rotate on a balance) and Globe of Death (where up to 3 motorbikes zoom around 360 degrees at high speed). The Quick Change Costume act was pretty amazing too (am glad I finally got to see this live)!

Ticket prices start at RM40 for standard seats (slightly behind). I bought the RM70 VIP seat (front row). Frankly, there isn’t much a difference. You will still be able to pretty much to see everything that’s going on, as the theater tent is small to begin with.

Do go support this dying art! They will be at Stadium Shah Alam till 29th July!


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